ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Ultrafast Assembly in Extreme Conditions

ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive allows you to bond at up to 40°C without being affected by humidity, enabling repair work in cold conditions.

Reduce asset downtime by up to 50% with the power to bond in harsh conditions.

Product Benefits

  • Fast curing from 0° to 40°C
  • Cures underwater and in high humidity
  • Virtually no surface preparation
  • Outstanding adhesion on dissimilar substrates
  • High-temperature resistance

Application Areas

  • Repair work of small parts
  • Fast assembly of small parts
  • Last minute fixing on the sea
  • Marine underwater repair

Performance Specifications

Two-component Acrylic


5 mins

Pot life at RT

15 mins

Fixture time at RT

0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F

Processing temperature

EN 45545-2

Conforms HL3 requirements, Class R1 and R7

120°C / 248°F

Maximum continuous operating temperature*

40 MPa / 5,801 psi

Tensile strength

1 700 MPa / 246,564 psi

Tensile modulus

ca. 10%

Elongation at break

* For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 5 MPa.

Simulate your adhesive joints with ARALDITE® 2051

Ask for the readily available Material Model

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Case Study

Application: Repairing Electrical Components Bonded to Train Doors with ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Speed up assembly time with a short curing time and the ability to bond on wet surfaces. 

The Challenge
Bonding small electrical components to potentially wet train door panels.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive was chosen for this repair application due to its good adhesion to various metals and plastics without surface preparation – even when the surface is wet.

Simple application with cartridges, and a fast cure enabled an efficient process with reliable results.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Outdoor Rail Infrastructure with ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Keep outdoor maintenance operations going, even in cold, damp weather. 

The Challenge

Bonding outdoor rail infrastructure consisting of multiple materials. 

The Solution

Curing at temperatures from 0°C to 40°C, the ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive is perfect for outdoor bonding, even during winter. Minimal pretreatment, fast curing time and simple handling result in quicker assembly.

Over the long term, maintenance is minimized thanks to the adhesive’s resistance to aging.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Small Interior Parts with ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Increase production throughput by reducing cycle times.

The Challenge

Bonding of small interior bus and truck parts consisting of mixed materials.

The Solution

With strong adhesion on composites and metals combined with a high lap shear strength, ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive is perfectly suited to bond small interior parts.

Limited surface preparation and a short curing time help decrease cycle times, leading to increased production throughput.

Case Study

Application: Bonding Inside Blade Add-Ons with ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 70% with highly-durable bonds. 

The Challenge

Bonding add-ons such as sensors on wind blade composite internal structure. 

The Solution

Approved for this specialized application, the versatile ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive can also be used in other wind blade applications, thereby reducing your inventory and complexity.

Thanks to its reliable, long-term bonding capability, this adhesive can lead to a 70% reduction in maintenance costs.

Case Study

Application: Bonding and Repair at Sea with ARALDITE® 2051 Adhesive

Bond fast and on-the-go in harsh and humid conditions and reduce asset downtime by up to 50%.

The Challenge

Repairing and finishing small to medium-sized components after a ship has left the controlled conditions of the shipyard and is exposed to a wet, cold environment.

The Solution

Packed in handy and safe cartridges, ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive is a valuable tool to keep onboard. This adhesive will help you speed up repairs and get back to operations quickly, reducing your downtime by up to 50%.

With ARALDITE® 2051 adhesive, you can bond any kind of material outdoors – and even underwater. This non-sagging adhesive is easily applied vertically and overhead for both small fixes and major repairs.

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