ARALDITE® 2028-1 Adhesive

Fast and Invisible

ARALDITE® 2028-1 adhesive allows to bond at up to 40°C without sensitivity to humidity, enabling repair work in hot conditions.

Make your design stand out by keeping bond lines invisible.

Product Benefits

  • Transparent
  • UV stable
  • Fast curing
  • Flexible

Application Areas

  • Bonding and potting of LEDs
  • Traffic light housing assembly
  • Bonding of signs

Performance Specifications

Two-component Polyurethane


6 mins

Pot life at RT

30 mins

Fixture time at RT

Passes 500 hrs </br> Atlas 500 W/m2 accelerated sun test

Watertight and UV stable

50°C / 131°F

Maximum continuous operating temperature*

11 MPa / 1,595 psi

Tensile strength

16 MPa / 2,320 psi

Tensile modulus

ca. 60%

Elongation at break

* For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 5 MPa.

Simulate your adhesive joints with ARALDITE® 2028-1

Ask for the readily available Material Model

With our realistic Material Model, you get the data you need to predict the combined effect of design parameters and adhesives properties over the process and operational conditions of your project.

Case Study

Application: Potting LEDs in Electronic Keypads with ARALDITE® 2028-1 Adhesive

Achieve water- and dust-tight transparent potting for harsh environmental conditions.

The Challenge

Efficiently potting LEDs behind touch pad keys that will be exposed to tough conditions.

The Solution

In customer trials, the ARALDITE® 2028-1 adhesive has proven to be the best adhesive able to ensure 100% water- and dust-tight LED pottings in PCBs.

With no need for a vacuum process, this non-foaming adhesive is easy to apply, enabling a fast and highly efficient production cycle. The result is an end-product with perfect transparency, allowing LEDs to display multiple colors.

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