The Technical Guide for ARALDITE® Adhesives

We are proud to introduce the latest release of our Technical Guide for ARALDITE® Adhesives: an interactive tool designed to accompany you in all your projects and facilitate your daily activity.

Introducing a new tool to support your bonding projects

At Huntsman, we develop adhesives that meet the needs of many industries and we focus on one goal: making our customers’ ideas possible. As practical as it is efficient, our new technical guide offers you a multitude of contents and services to activate online or from the PDF version.

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A complete guide with interactive content perfectly adapted to your needs

Adhesion Science and Technology

Illustrated with many examples, this section includes an overview of bonding techniques and describes how joints may be designed to make the best use of adhesive bonds.


Bonding Simulation for Adhesives Selection

Discover how a wide range of thermo-mechanical characterizations provides the data needed for accurate numerical simulation of bonding.


Surface Preparation and Pretreatments

When bonding with adhesives, surface preparation plays a key role in achieving maximum bond strength and durability. Depending on the substrate material and the adhesive being used, get the appropriate guidance for the best preparation.


Application and Bonding Methods

The method for applying an adhesive can range from simple hand mixing and manual application to fully automated application lines. This guide aims to provide guidance and key information for engineers to identify suitable application methods according to their specific requirements.


Precautions for Handling and Storage

This guide will give an overview of the principal hazards associated with storage, handling and disposal of Huntsman’s adhesives and the measures which should be taken to minimize risks during usage.


At Huntsman, we make our customers’ ideas possible

Choosing the right adhesive, and using it in the right quantity and conditions, requires expert understanding of its features. By providing expert development support, we help our customers improve predictability, accelerate time to market and achieve their project within expectations.

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