ARALDITE® 2080-05/15 Adhesive

ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive is a low odor, non-flammable classified, and primer-free structural acrylate adhesive that helps to increase end-customer and employee satisfaction, especially in confined working environments, while delivering exceptional bond performance.

A unique structural adhesive that safeguards user wellbeing

With ARALDITE® 2081 adhesive, our family of low-odor, non-flammable, and primer-free adhesives is complete,” says José Fanjul, Strategic Marketing Manager in Huntsman’s Advanced Materials division. “We now offer the same exceptional bonding performance for plastics that ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive brought to metals, with none of the challenges of using MMAs and other adhesives. This will be transformational for manufacturers who want the best in terms of efficiency and performance, as well as employee well-being.

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Product Benefits

  • Low odor and non-flammable
  • High strength
  • High durability
  • High elongation for metals, composites and some plastics
  • Available in two versions of shorter and longer reactivity time

Application Areas

  • Bonding inside wind turbine blade add-ons
  • Bonding metal and composites studs and structure
  • Bonding panels, floors and roof parts in buses
  • Bonding channel letter signage

Performance Specifications

Two-component Acrylic


5/15 mins

Pot life at RT

15-30 mins

Fixture time at RT

> 18 MPa

After cataplasma aging test*


Maximum continuous operating temperature**

> 25 MPa

Tensile strength

> 1200 MPa

Tensile modulus

> 50%

Elongation at break

*For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is ≤5 MPa.
**after 7-days ISO 9142 E2

Case Study

Bonding inside wind turbine blade add-ons with ARALDITE® 2080

Increase worker wellbeing and EHS standards by reducing the odor inside the blade

The Challenge

Traditionally, wind turbine manufacturers and maintenance specialists had to use MMA or PU adhesives when bonding add-ons on wind blade composite internal structures. However, the strong smell of MMA adhesives and the toxicity profile of PU adhesives resulted in issues regarding worker wellbeing and health.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive has been approved for this specific application, giving a highly versatile, low odor, and low toxicity solution. In addition to this, ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive provides fast snap curing and other similar features to an MMA. With high performance bonding capabilities that are exceptionally reliable over the long term.

Case Study

Bonding metal and composites studs and structures with ARALDITE® 2080

A low odor, non-flammable alternative to traditional MMA adhesives

The Challenge

Often in the transportation, oil and gas, and marine industries, it is necessary to bond metal and composite studs to a metal or composite structure. Previously, the only option was to use an MMA adhesive. However, as these studs are mainly bonded in closed spaces, such as inside a compartment of the vessel itself, the overpowering smell was an issue for worker wellbeing.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive gives the perfect solution by providing the strength of an MMA without the odor. In addition, with its non-flammable properties, ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive also helps to minimize costs for safety, training, storage, transportation, equipment, and eliminates the need for the installation and maintenance of designated flammable storage areas.

As a result, ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive increases profitability and workers can easily handle the product in a closed environment with no concerns for their health or the environment.

Case Study

Bonding panels, floors and roof parts in buses

Get the perfect balance of low odor, elongation and strength

The Challenge

For workers on the assembly line, using MMA adhesives to bond floors, roofing, and panels on buses is not a pleasant process. The odor of MMA products is overbearing and often the task is conducted in small spaces.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive bonds dissimilar substrates without the odor of an MMA. In addition, ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive’s limited surface pre-treatment and optimal open time reduces production cycle times, and with an elongation rate of more than 50%, users can be sure that the resulting bond meets all needs for durability and reliability.

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