ARALDITE® 2081-10 Adhesive

ARALDITE® 2081 acrylic adhesive helps to drive productivity and lower costs with none of the compromises associated with traditional methyl methacrylate (MMA) and other adhesive products, such as high odor, flammability, high toxicity profiles, and surface preparation.

New Structural Adhesive Safeguards User Wellbeing

With ARALDITE® 2081 adhesive, our family of low-odor, non-flammable, and primer-free adhesives is complete,” says José Fanjul, Strategic Marketing Manager in Huntsman’s Advanced Materials division. “We now offer the same exceptional bonding performance for plastics that ARALDITE® 2080 adhesive brought to metals, with none of the challenges of using MMAs and other adhesives. This will be transformational for manufacturers who want the best in terms of efficiency and performance, as well as employee well-being.

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Product Benefits

  • Low odor -- with up to 90% less smell than MMA products, resistance to hot and wet conditions
  • Non-flammable – helps you to minimize costs for safety equipment, training, storage and transportation
  • Plastic bonding – enhanced performance in engineering plastics (apart from polyolefins and law surface energy materials)
  • No primer required with minimum surface preparation
  • Low toxicity profile linked to an improved GHS classification
  • Snap curing – achieve handling strength within minutes
  • High impact and crash resistance with 50%+ elongation

Application Areas

  • Bonding sign assembly
  • Bonding sports equipment
  • Bonding medical devices and consumer products
  • Bonding structural of interiors and exteriors
  • Bonding bus, truck and rail applications
  • Bonding general industrial applications

Performance Specifications

Two-component Acrylic


10 mins

Pot life at RT

20 mins

Fixture time at RT

> 12 MPa

After cataplasma aging test*


Maximum continuous operating temperature**

> 17 MPa

Tensile strength

800 MPa

Tensile modulus


Elongation at break

*For the maximum continuous operating temperature, we consider the maximum temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is 1/3 of the lap shear strength at room temperature or the temperature for which the residual lap shear strength is ≤5 MPa.
**after 7-days ISO 9142 E2

Case Study

Bonding dissimilar interior parts on trains

Reduce complexity and inventory when bonding multiple materials

The Challenge

Bonding different materials for small- and mid-sized interior parts inside rail coaches traditionally requires multiple adhesives, all with their own conditions for use.

The Solution

Approved for this specialized application and with strong adhesion to metals, composites, and thermoplastic materials, ARALDITE® 2081 adhesive is an all-in-one solution. This low odor, low toxicity adhesive with fast snap curing provides good adhesion on a wide variety of substrates, including plastics (e.g., ABS, polycarbonate, etc.). This means reduced application complexity, simpler inventory management, and less worker training. Elongation of more than 60% ensures long-term durability and resistance to dynamic loading.

Case Study

Bonding channel letter signage

Increase production throughput without impacting user wellbeing

The Challenge

The production of channel letter signage or sign boxes is usually done in enclosed facilities, requiring adhesive products such as MMA that create a very unpleasant smell. As the process can take several hours to complete, this can be a serious problem for the well-being of workers, who often require more breaks and therefore are less productive.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2081 adhesive minimizes odor while still providing the same durability and bonding strength as MMA products. Not only does this increase worker productivity and well-being, but it also produces a highly reliable structural integrity that is ideal for sign manufacturing of any size.