ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive

High-heat Performance Meets Productivity

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive resists extreme temperatures and increases productivity by up to 80%.

Manufacturers today strive to avoid lengthy production times and energy-intensive heat curing ovens on the manufacturing floor. ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive reaches handling strength up to three times faster at room temperature, so parts can be assembled in one working shift, eliminating the need for heat curing.

Transportation and industrial parts often require both high-heat resistance and high compressive strength. ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive offers an exceptional service temperature of 400°F/204°C, resulting in reduced maintenance and extended part lifespan. Its impressive heat resistance, heat dissipation properties and compressive strength make it suitable for electric motors, tooling, oil & gas, powder coating processes and other automotive applications.

Performance Specifications

Two-component Epoxy


12,000psi / 82.7 MPa

Compression (350°F/177°C)

12pli / 2.1 N/mm

T peel at RT

1,100psi / 7.6MPa

Lap shear (400°F/200°C)

400°F (204°C)

Service temperature


Mix ratio

Case Study

Industrial Applications with ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive

Magnet Bonding

The Challenge

Creating a solid bond for electric motor components (housing magnets, rotor magnets, shaft bonding) that can withstand 285°F (140°C) operating conditions.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive was chosen for its ability to create strong bonds on metal parts while easily withstanding operating temperatures and having excellent resistance to chemicals and oils.

With 0.005in spacer beads, consistent stator/rotor gaps can be maintained for improved motor efficiency.

Case Study

Powder Coating Applications with ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive

Create tough, long-lasting bonds on powder-coated products.

The Challenge

Create strong bonds which can survive the powder coat curing process. 

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive was chosen for its ability to create strong bonds while withstanding oven curing temperatures of 400°F (204°C).

The bond can cure at RT or be accelerated during the powder coat baking process for improved throughput.

Case Study

Pipe Bonding Applications with ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive

Create strong bonds that withstand high temperatures and chemicals.

The Challenge

Oil and gas products flowing through bonded pipelines can exceed 300°F (150°C).

The Solution

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive was chosen for its ability to create strong bonds with excellent resistance to oil and chemicals while withstanding temperatures of 400°F (204°C).

Automotive & Transportation

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive is a well-suited choice for under-the-hood applications with service temperatures up to 400°F / 204°C. It also offers outstanding chemical/oil resistance and is thermally conductive.

Oil & Gas

Our new adhesive is suitable for pipe bonding and downhole applications that require high temperature resistance, high compressive strength and chemical/oil resistance.

General Assembly

ARALDITE® 2035 Adhesive works with powder coating applications, industrial electric motors and magnet bonding applications due to its high temperature resistance.

High-Heat Performance Meets Increased Productivity

What if you could improve production throughput and finish assembling parts in one working shift? On the manufacturing floor, avoiding bottlenecks is key to maximizing productivity. Easy to use and fast to cure, parts can be made and moved in one working shift. because of the high service temperature, ARALDITE® 2035 adhesive can be used across a wide range of applications, such as bonding electric vehicle components, under-the-hood automotive applications, as well as oil & gas applications like downhole.

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