ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive

Panel Bonding That Saves Time and Lowers Costs

ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive can save you time and money when bonding panels.

Manufacturers today are striving to cut costs and improve productivity. When you choose to bond with ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive, you can use less material when applying because the adhesive wets out more easily than thicker products on the market today, so you’re not running through material as quickly.

Next, this adhesive is easy to work with; you simply mix, pour, and start spreading, saving you time on the assembly floor. It’s also meter-mix dispensable, which means you can easily automate your assembly line.

Third, it stands up to the elements. Over time, other bonding materials or mechanical fasteners can cause delamination or distortion when exposed to extreme temperatures and water. ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive can withstand exposure to temperature, weather extremes, and UV light.

ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive is well-suited for bonding exterior architectural panels, porcelain counters, and panels for mass transportation applications. In addition, ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive complies with Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity (FST) requirements for passenger rail cars in the US, Europe, and China.

Performance Specifications



Up to 2,900psi

Shear strength on Al at RT

80 mins

Pot life at RT

8-9 hrs

Fixture time at RT

200°F (93°C)

Maximum continuous operating temperature

3.5 N/mm

T Peel strength

Case Study

Bonding Architectural Panels with ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive

Achieve visually appealing surfaces and long-lasting bonds.

The Challenge

Achieve high bonding strength and weather resistance when adhering stone to honeycomb panels.

The Solution

New ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive passed the performance test, and has shown excellent properties on various materials, meeting the requirements of European and American standards.

ARALDITE® Adhesives have been used for bonding natural stones such as marble layers and sandstone layers to Aluminum honeycomb GFRP members in the construction industry.

Case Study

Bonding Honeycomb Panels with ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive

Reduce asset downtime and maintenance costs with tough, long-lasting bonds.

The Challenge

Simply and quickly bond honeycomb panels in a railway application in China.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive passed the performance test, peel strength and failure mode.

ARALDITE® Adhesives have been applied in the railway industry for high-speed, high-performance honeycomb panels for many years, providing excellent and reliable quality.

Case Study

Bonding Tunnel Oven Panels with ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive

Achieve high heat and flammability resistance.

The Challenge

Achieve bonds that can withstand high heat resistance when used in a honeycomb application for a tunnel oven.

The Solution

ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesives have excellent peel strength, are flame retardant, and high temperature water resistant.

Railway & Bus

Our ARALDITE® products are used widely used for honeycomb structural components such as floors, partition wall, overhead panel, door and bonding for Aluminum plate to honeycomb core.

Architectural Panels

Used for bonding natural stones such as marble layers and sandstone layers to Aluminum honeycomb GFRP members in construction industry.

Truck & Trailer

Next-generation adhesive technologies provide reliable joining of these dissimilar substrates and offer significantly improved performance compared to traditional welding or riveting. For emergency vehicles, RV, truck and trailers.

Cold Rooms

Epoxy adhesives are well-suited for building impact-resistant doors and other products that require extra durability to withstand demanding temperature conditions at industrial plants.

Flame Retardant Applications

Fire-proof panel to honeycomb bonding and assembly for interior furnishings in railway and other general assembly industries.

Panel Bonding That Saves Time and Lowers Costs

ARALDITE® 9102 Adhesive is a perfect choice for bonding honeycomb panels in architectural or transportation applications, and bonding porcelain counters in residential or commercial applications.  It also complies with Flame, Smoke and Toxicity requirements for passenger rail cars in the US, Europe and China.

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